Owner of Bionic Body Studio | Fitness Expert | NASM CPT, PES, CES

“FitnessMats are awesome. Don’t take my word for it though, try one for yourself. They are like no other mat I have used in my career. I have found my new ground support for life.”


IFBB Figure Pro | Fitness Competitor

"I use my FitnessMats for so many purposes throughout my week. I cook and prep my food in bulk so I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen. I use my Fitness Mat mostly for my workouts, but I've been known to keep my extra one in the kitchen to stand on while prepping food. It’s like a cloud! :) I have the 6’ mat in my home that I practice yoga and stretching on every morning - honestly, I haven’t felt a better mat. I studied yoga in Costa Rica, and I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a total yoga mat snob. My standards in yoga mats are high. When I first learned about Fitness Mats - I was skeptical because I was so hooked on my thick, cushioned yoga mats that I've been using for years. Since using Fitness Mats, my old yoga mats have been rolled up in storage! My Fitness Mat provides so much support to my (bad) wrists, it stays put on the floor, is anti-microbial (which I love, because I don’t have to purchase special solution that won’t eat up my yoga mat - Fitness Mats can take any ordinary wipe or spray and be cleaned and without harboring bacteria), is non-slip so I don’t have to also purchase a non-slip towel, and looks beautiful! I highly recommend owning one…or two :)"


IFBB Figure Pro | Owner of F.E.M. Camp

“Going into our 10th year of hosting F.E.M. Camps™ we have remained extremely careful of what companies/products we allow to sponsor the camps. Products need to be well made and of remarkable integrity before we will allow them access to our broad market of fit ladies from across the world. With WellnessMats, we found just that in the product and company! On behalf of F.E.M. Camp™ we have been excited to share the WellnessMats’ FitnessMat with our attending ladies and offer one to our F.E.M. Camp™ Spirit Winners (voted on by the attendees). F.E.M. Camp™ looks forward to a continued relationship with WellnessMats not only for the training sessions.. but for me (Monica Brant) to nap on in between sessions!”


Mother of 3 | Fitness Competitor | Health & Fitness Professional

“FitnessMats support me during my workouts. I have hardwood floors and doing yoga or any sort of ab workouts are just not an option. FitnessMats are phenomenal!”


Certified Personal Trainer | Fit Mom | Inspiring Others to Live Fit!

“I cannot express how much I love my FitnessMat for my garage gym! I won mine at F.E.M. Camp and had no idea how much I would love it! I am a personal trainer and train clients using this mat and I use it daily for my own workouts. I cannot imagine what I even did before! I have those commercial hard gym mats in my garage and my FitnessMat has saved our knees, elbows, back, etc. I use it for every floor exercise, while using my suspension straps, kneeling for exercises, stretching, planking, jump-rope, plyo moves, everything. My clients love it as well! I’m so grateful it found me!”


IFBB Figure Pro | Fitness Model | Motivational Speaker

"I have been using the FitnessMat with not only myself but with the dozens of clients I work with on a daily basis. With past mats that I have used many people would slip around and the mats do not last very long until they lose their cushion. The FitnessMat is firm but soft and the sweat wipes off so easily that it is always good to go for the next person to use. I love the feeling of the mats whether I am doing a plank, crunch, or stretch…it is PERFECT!"


Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder | Sponsored Athlete | WNBF Pro

“I’ve been training for over 15 years and longevity is starting to become one of my #1 priorities. I take extra precautions to ensure that my back, knees, and joints are taken care of as I continue to train relentlessly in the gym to improve my physique for bodybuilding competitions. That’s where the Fitnessmat comes in to play! My knees are thanking me after every rep performed on the mat during my intense ab training routine. My back, wrists, and other joints encounter less stress as I perform my nightly stretches on the non-slip mat. I plan on staying fit and healthy for many more years and I am grateful to have the FitnessMat by my side. Once you've experienced the durable yet highly comfortable FitnessMat you will not want to go back!”


Certified Personal Trainer | Fitness Model | Private Instructor

"My FitnessMat has provided comfort and support for my body during my two favorite activities--exercising and cooking! I love how the mat stays in place--ensuring that I won't trip while working in the kitchen or slip while I'm doing a high intensity circuit that gets me sweating. I use the FitnessMat while standing on my feet in the kitchen, to stretch, practice pilates and yoga and my favorite--core exercises! When laying on your back, planking on your forearms or focusing weight on your extremities, it is so important to have a support system for bearing weight--and that is exactly what the FitnessMat does. Regular Pilates and Yoga mats never seem to have enough cushioning, so I'm happy to have found a great substitution. Anyone who is looking to make their home or gym more ergonomic can find their solution with the WellnessMat brand."


Certified Personal Trainer | C.S.C.S | Former Division 1 Athlete

"The FitnessMat is a must-have piece of equipment for any fitness enthusiast. The mats can be used for an array of exercises from Yoga and stretching to gymnastics and plyometric movements. Best of all, no more worrying about slipping or hurting your head when doing your handstand push-ups! The product innovation and technology make this simple piece of equipment one that you cannot live without."


Certified Personal Trainer | Owner of Living Patterns

"As owner of an in home personal training company I have tried just about every piece of portable fitness equipment out there. My trainers and I have pretty high standards of what we use with our clients so when I heard of a brand that sold strictly mats I immediately wanted to know more. I am so glad I did my research on FitnessMats because I was thrilled with what I found out. These mats not only are made fully in the good ol' US of A but they're also anti-microbial which is important to me as I have several sweaty bodies on my mats everyday! My clients thanked me profusely when I got my first FitnessMat because the comfort level in their workouts sky rocketed. From carpal tunnel pain in the wrists to back aches and even plantar fascia tightness in the feet, my clients have felt relief from these aches and pains that once held them back in their floor exercises. I keep a 4 foot mat in my car to take to my client's houses and a 6 foot one at home which is supposed to be for my home workouts but even my kids love it. This means the mat ends up in other rooms too. I've caught them watching TV laying on my FitnessMat! Thank you FitnessMats for having a product that not only am I happy to use myself and with my clients but I am proud to have my name behind. I won't support a product I don't believe in. These mats are the best and have my full support! And my kids support too!"


Fitness Model, Actor, Creator of Kimmerle Plan Heart Rate Training

“I have been using my Wellness Mat for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. It is soft, grippy, cleans easily and does not move or stretch. I am a huge fan of the new folding - MobileMat, it enables me to have the comfort and stability of the WellnessMat at home and on the go.”


M.S., E-RYT 500, Exercise Science Professor, Health Coach and Yoga Educator

“This is no ordinary exercise mat! The MobileMat provides an unparalleled level of comfort when performing any type of activity, including yoga. This is something my students and my clients truly appreciate, especially those with movement limitations, as the cloud-like cushioning coupled with the non-slip surface enables them to perform a wide variety of poses that they would not normally be able to perform comfortably on a standard exercise or yoga mat.”



“I have purchased many fitness mats over the years and WellnessMats FitnessMats are the best I have ever used for my clients and myself. The quality is fantastic and doesn't bend and stays flat!”

Rachel Nicks

Doula CD (DONA), Fitness Instructor, Wilhelmina Fitness Model, Nike Trainer

"The FitnessMat is heaven sent. I am drawn to intense low impact workouts from barre to yoga to Pilates and I need a great mat. I have always found that mats are never quite right. Normally mats slip and slide, they aren’t thick enough, they are too thick and squishy. I feel like I have found the mat that is jussst right! I have enough cushion for my knees and back and enough stability for practicing balance. It also looks great and is easy to clean. I highly recommend this mat to individuals who workout at home or for gyms and studios to have for their clients! I am so lucky FitnessMat found me!!"

Andrea Orbeck

Celebrity trainer, fitness expert and pregnancy fitness specialist

"The FitnessMat is 'hands down' the best mat on the market. It's absorbent padding and larger dimension is a perfect fitness tool for floor work. I especially love it for pregnancy fitness, where the work surface is crucial to support a mom's rapidly changing biomechanics."

Nicky Holender

Radius Master Trainer, Creator of PROSKILLS, 10acious, 3-2-1 Camera Ready Workouts, Elite soccer coach and founder of EPIC Lifestyle

"I use FitnessMats with all of my clients- from pro athletes to Hollywood celebs. FitnessMats give amazing support to my client’s bodies and keeps them feeling clean on their hardest of workouts! I highly recommend these amazing mats!"


Owner of Liv Fitness, CPT, and Fitness Model

"The FitnessMat is by far my favorite mat to use in the gym, barre studio and with my in-home clients! My clients and I always prefer it over the other bulky mats. The handles on the MobileMat make it easy to carry and the fact that it's antimicrobial is a huge plus! Most of all, the FitnessMat stays in place on any type of floor so you don't have to worry about slipping."

Olivian Fiqueroa


Jera Foster Fell, Workout Bean, Blog, FitnessMat

Jera Foster Fell

Founder Workout Bean Blog, CPT, and Soulcycle Instructor

"My FitnessMat is now my go-to mat. It supports my back during ab exercises, provides cushioning during higher intensity moves like burpees. Wellness FitnessMats offers a non-slip grip during downward dogs and stretches. Usually cushioned mats are too squishy and slippery, but this the perfect combination of both support and firmness.”

FLYUP Fitness , Team Kruithof , WellnessMats, Ambassador

Team Kruithofs

Founders FlyUp Fitness

"Our family uses FitnessMats at home to exercise with our kids and it is perfect for providing comfort and support for our family workouts. When training with our kids at home, our FitnessMat often turns into gymnastics flooring for the little ones and there is nothing more cushioned, durable, or high-quality than the FitnessMat. We love it!"



Meghan Duncan

Wife, mother, ISSA certified fitness nutritionist

"I love doing yoga and stretching after a strenuous workout, but what I don't like is laying down on a thin mat and being more uncomfortable than I was during my workouts. I almost gave up on it until I was introduced to WellnessMats FitnessMat and now I am able to practice yoga and stretch without being uncomfortable! Not only is it the perfect size and cushion, but it is super easy to clean and I don't have to worry about buying a special cleaner to not destroy the mat. This is by the far best brand I have ever used and I will never purchase from anyone else. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend you do!"



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  • Easily sanitized and anti-microbial
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  • Non-slip top and bottom
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