3 Tips for Healthy Eating with Charles Fuller


Hop online and you’ll find a wide variety of excellent diet plans readily available.  However, you may get overwhelmed and even find contradicting information that just may end up adding some confusion.  So which dieting strategy is the best?  As a seasoned vet, I can say that there isn’t just ONE magical formula that will help you reach your goal, but a combination of consistent habits that will work.  In my case, I have found a strategy that is both effective and, most importantly, enjoyable for my family and myself.  No matter what your fitness goal is, you should adopt consistent habits in order to reach your fitness goal.  I’ll list just a few of mine that help keep me “photoshoot” ready 365 days a year!


Cook in Batches                                                                                                                                           

I cook in batches twice a week.  Typically on Sundays and again midweek.  This will make things much easier and help you stay consistent with your meal preparation throughout the week.  For example, I’ll either pan broil or grill a batch of chicken and store it in one of those big rectangular Tupperware containers.  I’ll also cook and store a batch of ground turkey/beef, rice, potatoes, and whatever else I plan on eating for the next few days.  Then, the night before I head out to the office, I’ll divide and pack my meals in smaller containers for the next day.  This technique has helped keep me structured and consistent with my meals.

Drink your water

I picked up this awesome habit about two decades ago.  Not only will you keep your body hydrated by drinking water, but it also aids in nutrient absorption and improves overall performance.  I work in an office environment, so the frequent trips to the water refill station and restroom help keep me active.  :-D  I recommend at least 6-8 12 ounce glasses a day and more if you’re exercising. 

 Find balance

Most people stray off a diet because they aren’t enjoying themselves.  I continue to eat clean and healthy foods because I enjoy it.  I constantly switch seasonings and even the way I cook and prepare food.  For example, I’ll dice up chicken breast and pan broil it one week but then the following week I’ll grill it outdoors.  To maintain a “photoshoot” shape throughout the year, I don’t lock myself in the house and eat meals all day.  I actually venture out and social eat with family and friends on occasion and believe me, there ARE healthy alternatives on the menu.  Find the foods that you really enjoy and mix them in your diet. 

I’ve only listed a few things that have and will continue to help me stay consistent.  Like I mentioned earlier, there are amazing diets readily available, but they won’t do you any good if you aren’t able to enjoy yourself and remain consistent.  Find a plan that helps you reach your goal, but at the same time, create a formula that you ENJOY. 

Good luck!

Charles “Skeletor” Fuller

Charles is a FitnessMat Brand Ambassador and Professional Natural Bodybuilder with over 16 years of training experience. Charles has earned his WNBF pro card and has taken home several other titles since he started competing. 

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